How Dungeons & Dragons rekindled my passion for Web Design

by Imaginary Daemo on March 08, 2017

About six months ago, after 12 long years working on/managing one of Australia’s biggest videogame eCommerce stores, my long-running passion for all things Web and design had finally been wrung dry. I had completed my laps through the corporate machine where the only thing that matters is more dollars than yesterday, and where everyone is told that they are replaceable. Even my love of videogames had waned to almost nothing.

Not really knowing what the future held, I stepped sideways into Web development as a project manager, but felt the overwhelming need to use the experience I had accrued for good instead of evil.

So, I delved into my other main hobby passion – tabletop roleplaying. D&D. Pathfinder. Magic missiles in the darkness. Mountain Dew.

I’ve always had a passion for GOOD dice and accessories, and after a little looking it became quickly apparent that my little down-under country was woefully vacant of good dice stores. I decided to take it upon myself to fill the void.

Having no startup capital I sold an old guitar to fund my first shipment, bought a business name and cranked up a Shopify store. Imaginary Adventures was born.

I started with only 3 sets of metal dice on offer. Using everything I learned from my previous life in eCommerce, and learning a LOT more in the process, I’ve managed to grow Imaginary Adventures into a solid little store that has grown beyond dice. I now design and sell my very own t-shirts, apparel and art prints.

I know more about eCommerce now, having run a store for myself for 3 months, than ever did grinding out my life for a giant corporate. Sure, the dollars through the store are smaller… but the satisfaction that comes along with it is worth 10x that.

If it wasn’t for good ol’ D&D, I don’t think I would have lasted much longer in the world of Web design. Now? I can’t wait to keep on learning.