The adventure begins!

by Imaginary Daemo on January 09, 2017

Before it became an online store, Imaginary Adventures began life as in idea formed in the cradle of all great ideas - the local comic shop.

One Saturday night I found myself yet again talking to other gamers about one of the endless array of interesting (to me, anyway) adventures that had taken part during our long running campaign that has just chalked up it's 15th year. That wasn't a typo. 

I realised that not only were the stories somewhat entertaining, they could also be educational for the waves of new gamers starting their journey in Pathfinder or DnD.

Hells, even the old-timey gamers like myself can still learn something. After so many years rolling dice I'm still changing and growing as a gamer, and you don't get a campaign to last for so long without learning not only how to keep things interesting, but also how to relate to the others in your group.

I began thinking that it would be good for me to share said experience with others. That idea then gestated for a while, morphing into an avenue to not only share stories and experiences, but provide access to quality gaming gear one can normally only find overseas. 

And lo was Imaginary Adventures born.

Yes, there are hundreds of blogs about this stuff online and if you're looking for endless 0-100 tables of interesting random things to jam into your game, or min-maxy ideas on how to be the uber-gish, this probably isn't the best place to look.

But if you want to hear a good tale from a campaign that has lasted so long that we have characters that have existed longer than some of our own children, stick around.

Who knows, you may take something away from it!

And if not... well, we sell rad dice too :)