Corona Virus update

by Imaginary Daemo on March 25, 2020

At this stage Imaginary Adventures is still open and working as usual (a lifetime of social distancing practice has served us well) so stock deliveries and orders are being process at our usual top speed, while keeping our families safe.

However if any more strict lock-downs are put in place that would prevent us being able to safely process orders and ship them out to you, we are going to do the right thing by our families and pause the store until lock-downs are reduced.

But for now, please enjoy supporting this small Aussie business! :)

However as tabletop RPGs are social games, we should all do the right thing and play remotely where possible.

Below are the services that my group and myself use. They may be useful for you - and this list is in no way complete. If you have other resources, please feel free to add in the comments below.

1. Discord - The go-to for voice streaming. This also allows me as DM to stream a screen or window to the others, so I can use the digital maps I usually print out to run the game. If you're pretty crafty you can even install and use initiative trackers and other cool tools like random Inn name generators.

2. Roll20.net - Another big one. This service is purpose built for this situation, and allows a DM to run an entire game online. It's not free, but the costs are definitely worth it. It also allows you to purchase and run adventure paths for Pathfinder straight in the game. Very cool.

3. 2minutetabletop.com - An amazing resource for hand-drawn battle maps and elements. They have an amazing selection of items you can grab for free, and even import into Roll20 and other online tools. The better items aren't free, but are still insanely cheap.

NOTE - I am also working on a bunch of our own digital assets for our group. Let me know if you would like to have a look and possible download for yourself.

That's it for now. Stay safe, and stay away from everyone if possible.
Damian Joy
Owner - Imaginary Adventures


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