D&D Frameworks Minis

by Imaginary Daemo on October 13, 2021

The new Frameworks line of miniatures from WizKids offers players the new opportunity to customize their miniatures with sprues containing multiple options for heads and equipment. Pick up your favorite race–class combo or a pack of monsters, and use your creativity to customize to your heart’s content!

Click here to see the whole D&D Frameworks range.

D&D Frameworks miniatures are coming February 2022.

Made of rigid, high-impact polystyrene (“HIPS”), Frameworks sprue minis come unassembled on plastic frames (a.k.a. “sprues”), with multiple options designed to let you customize your figure to your liking. Using HIPS lets us show even more detail than our unpainted minis, and lets you assemble them in more dynamic poses.

Designed with more experienced miniature-hobbyists in mind, these minis require at least a hobby knife to remove them from their frames, and some glue to assemble them. WizKids also recommend using primer for the best results.

WizKids made sure to include enough parts so that you can create the look you want, and each sprue also comes with a number of “figure-agnostic” spare parts that are themed to go with the figure — but can also be mixed and matched with any other mini in the sprue line (or even with our unpainted miniatures).


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