Pink Dice Set Jar

Imaginary Adventures

Destroy your enemies with the power of PINKNESS. This screw-top plastic jar comes packed with 5 full sets of dice, each one a different style and shade of pink.

A great gift for yourself, or another gamer in your life.

Set includes:

  • 5 sets of full size 7 plastic gaming dice: d4, d6, d8, d10 (1-0), d10 (10-00), d12 & d20
  • Contains the following sets:
    • 1 x classic pale pink
    • 1 x classic hot pink
    • 1 x dark pink glitter
    • 1 x hot pink pastel glitter
    • 1 x pink/white pearl
  • Plastic screw-top jar
  • Pink bow
  • Pink confetti lining

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