3D Printed Mini - E3CD - Beasts & Baddies - Oozes - PRINT ON DEMAND


These Oozes were created by EC3D Designs as part of the “Beasts and Baddies” Collection. Each comes on a 25mm (Medium Creature) Base and is approx 21-26mm tall.

These minis are 3D printed on demand here in Brisbane, and are shipped separately to other items. Please allow 2 weeks for production.

Models are printed in grey resin without hollowing. They will be cleaned in both water and alcohol then cured. Resin printing requires supports (like sprues) and while all care is taken to remove them while the models are cleaned, there may be some small nubs or pits on the surface as a result of the printing process

Designs by EC3D and sold under license. Renders are copyright Hero’s Hoard/EC3D Designs, provided as an officially licensed seller