Book of Battle Mats - Towns & Taverns

    Book of Battle Mats - Towns & Taverns

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      Towns & Taverns Books of Battle Mats is a set of two fully modular map books which line up to create epic, endlessly evolving fantasy townscape. Presented in a slip case these two lay flat, wipe clean books have complimentary maps and standard entry & exit points allowing Dungeon Masters to create endless combinations of fantasy encounter maps.

      • Two modular hardcover books of fantasy  RPG battle maps in a handy slip case
      • Complimentary map pages that combine to create larger play areas to suit your table & encounter
      • Endless flexibility. You can play one 12"x12" map page or a 24"x24" spread depending on your space and adventure. You have all the options.
      • Laminated and wipe clean throughout
      • 1 inch square throughout
      • Combination of exterior and interior maps to suit any urban fantasy encounter
      • 360° spine allows the books to lay flat and line up seamlessly. No leaps of the imagination needed!
      • Spine also allows books to fold fully in half for small encounters or tight spaces
      • Fully modular stand alone map system
      • Fully compatible with The Dungeon Books of Battle mats thanks to our trademark standard entry & exit areas
      • Fully compatible with Loke BattleMats' existing book range thanks to consistent 5 foot to 1 inch scale.
      • Towns & Taverns is hardback to protect the maps. Our cover does not protrude so the books line up flush together.

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