D&D Adventurers Paint Set


Nothing brings a D&D world to life more than the creatures that inhabit it, and playing with painted miniatures, representing your mighty heroes or foul monster encounters, is the adventure coming to life in front of you.

This official Dungeons & Dragons set of Marvelous Pigments will offer you a perfect starting palette of the basic 'must-have' colours to paint your player characters. The set also comes with a free Minsc & Boo miniature to get you started. Miniature may require assembly.

Warpaints are a high quality acrylic paint range specifically designed to paint highly detailed miniatures. The paint has a creamy consistency and is extremely rich in pigment, 100% non-toxic and always delivers a perfect matt finish. The colour palette in this set has been carefully selected to represent the many creatures and monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

The Adventurers Paint Set Contains:

  • 10 x Warpaints
  • 1 x Starter Brush
  • 1 x Minsc & Boo Miniature