D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures: Gargantuan Bahamut - PREORDER

Release Date: September 2024
$379.95 AUD
  • 12 inches tall
  • 22 inch wingspan
  • Also contains Fizban the Fabulous and Swarm of Canaries medium miniatures

This is a Preorder product. It will ship upon release.
Current ETA is September 2024

Bahamut, the patron and progenitor of metallic dragons, displays his full glory as the Platinum Dragon, towering over most dragons. Sitting at over 12 inches tall with a wingspan of 22 inches, Bahamut is ready to wreak monumental destruction with his Platinum Fire breath.

Bahamut can often be found in his mortal disguise, known as Fizban the Fabulous, accompanied by 7 ancient gold dragons who favor disguising themselves as canaries.


  • 1 unpainted Gargantuan Bahamut miniature on 200 mm base
  • 1 unpainted Detachable Platinum Fire Breath Weapon
  • 1 unpainted Fizban the Fabulous miniature (Medium figure on 25mm base)
  • 1 unpainted Swarm of Canaries miniature (Medium figure on 25mm base)