Four Panel Vegan Leather Dungeon Master Screen - Cthulhu


When you starting DM-ing a TTRPG, one of the first things you realize is that you need a DM screen.

A good DM screen provides you with immediate access to key rules and stats and information, and it allows you to hide things from your players (such as dice rolls), which creates a more enjoyable experience for everyone in most cases.

You'll be amazed at how much easier your DMing will be if you have all the information you're likely to need right there in front of you instead of constantly having to pull out the rulebooks.

Forget about using some flimsy cardboard to block dice rolls from your players. CZYY Dungeon Master Screen made by hand from PU Leather, and embossed with an awesome cthulhu artwork. Your new screen will be a true treasure on any gaming table.

Now You're DMing With Style!

Approximate Screen Dimensions:

  • 9x12 inch (closed)
  • 12x36 inch (opened)


  • Faux leather

Package Included:

  • Four-panel DM Screen
  • Felt case


  • HIDES DOCUMENTS AND SECRETS - Our DM board is a great and cool way to keep your information away from prying eyes, but to allow your necessary accessories to look like they belong in a fantasy world. It's the physical representation of the separation of the Players and the Dungeon Master.
  • PREMIUM LEATHER ARTWORK - This GM screen designed and crafted from senior faux leather, and embossed with eye-catching artwork. The 3D embossed Cthulhu design adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming table, making it an eye-catching centerpiece during game nights.
  • FOUR-PANEL WITH POCKETS - The DM screen is like a binder pocket in design. It has 4 panels with 4 sheet pockets (perfectly fit for A4 paper) so you could put any inserts or NPC sheets on the inside. All of the pockets are wet-erase marker compatible, so you can write down notes and erase them before your next session.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR GAME MASTER - Built for DMs on the go, this D&D screen folds down to 9" x 12" by 0.5" to fit inside your bag with room to spare. It stands 12" tall by 36" long with four panels, which large enough to hide several books from view, to keep your schemes and machination hidden from prying players.
  • ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION, IDEAL GIFT FOR DM - Our DM Screen comes with four example reference pages for D&D 5e and Pathfinder, and a felt case for storage - everything you need for a seamless gaming experience. These make great gifts and/or bribes for any game master to show appreciation for their hard work.