Metal 7 Dice Set - Ornate - Glow In The Dark

Imaginary Adventures


  • 7 x silver coloured metal gaming dice with glow in the dark colouring: d4, d6, d8, d10 (1-0), d10 (10-00), d12 & d20
  • 1 x small velvet dice pouch
  • 1 x feeling of rolling superior dice at the gaming table
Dice Features:
  • Full sized
  • Dice cast from Zinc alloy with a nice heavy clunk that shows the gaming table you mean business
  • Nice sharp edges for premium-level randomness. No worn down corners here
  • Numbers are engraved, not painted. Easy to read and they won't fade over time
  • 95% certain to cause jealousy*
* We're pretty sure the other 5% lied