Witcher Dice - Leshen - 3 Set Bundle

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Summon the spirit of the ancient woods with Q-Workshop’s Witcher Leshen Dice Bundle. This all-encompassing collection is a treasure for gamers and Witcher fans who seek to infuse their narratives with the enigmatic energy of the forest's most revered protectors. Each roll of these dice is a step further into the thicket, a closer encounter with the Leshen's haunting presence.

The sets within the bundle represent the Leshen's reach through the forest's many layers, from the whispering leaves to the creaking roots and the silent watch of hidden creatures. Together, they forge a connection between the player and the mythical essence of the wilderness.

With Q-Workshop’s Witcher Leshen Dice Bundle, your gaming table becomes a ground sacred to the Leshen, where every decision is guided by the rustling of leaves and the wisdom of ages old trees. Here, every game is not just an adventure but a journey into the heart of the ancient forest.

  • 3 Sets Of Witcher Dice. Each set contains
    • 7 Dice polyhedral dice
    • 1 coin
  • Q-Workshop has well crafted dice which will be the envy of all your friends