WizKids Premium Paints - Arcane Elements

$25.00 AUD

The WizKids by Vallejo range includes hand selected premium Game Color references, making painting fantasy miniatures a breeze for both pro and hobby painters.

This technique set is ideal for painting magical and elemental effects including spells, energy, fire, water and more!

An expertly curated set of eight water-based acrylic paints, including a step by step tutorial guide by RealmSmith.


  • 8 x 8 ml./0.27 fl.oz.
    • 80.097 Pale Yellow
    • 80.085 Yellow Ink
    • 80.013 Squid Pink
    • 80.086 Red Ink
    • 80.089 Green Ink
    • 80.023 Electric Blue
    • 80.088 Blue Ink
    • 80.087 Violet Ink