WizKids Premium Paints - Fleshtones


The WizKids by Vallejo range includes hand selected premium Game Color references, making painting fantasy miniatures a breeze for both pro and hobby painters.

This technique set is ideal for painting all sorts of skin tones, ideal for your adventurers and NPCS in your tabletop RPG campaigns!

An expertly curated set of eight water-based acrylic paints, including a step by step tutorial guide by RealmSmith.


  • 8 x 8 ml./0.27 fl.oz.
    • 80.003 Pale Flesh
    • 80.099 Cadmium Skin
    • 80.140 Heavy Skin Tone
    • 80.044 Dark Fleshtone
    • 80.154 Heavy Sienna
    • 80.042 Parasite Brown
    • 80.204 Flesh Wash
    • 80.201 Black Wash