Wooden D&D Healing Potion Tokens

  • Set of 15 Healing Potion Tokens
  • Includes 5 of the type of D&D potion
  • Can be coloured

How many times have you forgotten you had a healing potion because it was just a small pencil-written note on one of your pages, hidden among all your other notes? It could have turned the battle in your favor or even saved the loss of your character if you would have used it! Solution: Physical Tokens!

Here is a set of 15 Healing Potion Tokens includes 5 of the type of potion (Healing, Greater Healing, Superior Healing, Supreme Healing, Blank). Bring your D&D game to a whole new level with this Dungeons and Dragons Invisibility token set.

Set Contains:

  • 6 x Healing
  • 4 x Greater Healing
  • 3 x Superior Healing
  • 2 x Supreme Healing
  • 6 x Blank Token for Customized

Each token measures approx 3.5x1.8 cm.