Hold onto your hats, Pathfinders, because this October the Rage of Elements is set to blow your minds and ignite your gameplay (Yes, the book is already out overseas but Australia always gets things let).

This isn't just another Pathfinder 2e sourcebook. This is THE elemental encyclopedia, a whirlwind tour through elemental realms, some of which have dramatically resurfaced.

Brace yourselves for an onslaught of player options. Introducing: The Kineticist – not just another class, but THE class of 2e. This titan, the powerhouse of classes, returns to 2e Pathfinder, making waves and stirring tempests. But why stop there? New races, archetype options, and a treasure trove of spells await your eager hands.

Elementals: More than Just the Fab Four

Thought you knew the elements? Think again. We're not just talking about Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air anymore. Enter the forgotten siblings: Metal and Wood. With mortals shaking up the universe, the Elemental Lords went through some... let's call it, cosmic drama. Now, with balance restored and lost realms returned, the sourcebook dives deep into the mysteries of these elemental planes, capturing lore nerds' hearts and giving gameplay enthusiasts the mechanics they crave.

The Mighty Kineticist

Let’s be real, Kineticists are on another level. Why be a mere spellcaster when you can become the very embodiment of the elements? And with a whopping 18 pages of unique feats, players can tailor-make their characters to an unprecedented degree. Complexity? Yes. But with that comes unparalleled versatility, letting players harness everything from whirlwind movements to insanely inventive impulses. It's a wild ride, and every Pathfinder worth their salt should be jumping at the chance to dive in.

As a Kineticist, you are the embodiment of elemental might. Fiery infernos, pristine waters, elusive winds, unyielding earth, spiralled wood, and sharp metals; these are your allies. A kinetic portal, deeply rooted in your being, draws power straight from the elemental realms. This force manifests as elements that dance around your form, obeying your command, and targeting adversaries as you desire. As your bond with these realms deepens, you achieve unparalleled mastery over the elements you command.

Throughout battle, you radiate elemental magic. Unhindered in the frequency of your abilities, you become a consistent conduit of arcane might. You have the flexibility to hone a diverse range of powers for various situations, or you might opt for a select set of signature strikes.

Expand Your Elemental Arsenal

New additions don’t stop with the Kineticist. Elemental companions, elemental barbarian instincts, and reimagined Elementalist archetypes? It’s a buffet of options. And for those itching for more character backgrounds, the new Geniekin races, each with their extraordinary quirks, are waiting to be unleashed.

Elemental Exploration Extravaganza

Rage of Elements doesn't just give you a sneak peek; it throws you headfirst into the heart of each elemental plane. From spell-crafting to monster wrangling, it's all about immersion. And while some monsters might feel a bit familiar, the new spells and unique landscapes ensure there's never a dull moment.

The verdict? Rage of Elements isn’t just another addition to your gaming shelf. It's a bold, audacious dive into the raw power of the elements, challenging everything you thought you knew about the Pathfinder universe. So gear up, jump in, and let the elemental games begin!

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September 14, 2023 — Imaginary Daemo