The remastered version of the Cleric in Pathfinder 2e brings a host of changes to enhance gameplay and align the class more closely with the narrative. Here are the top seven alterations just announced by Paizo.

Pathfinder 2e Remaster Cleric

1. Redefinition of Divine Alignment
The removal of the nine alignments makes way for a more nuanced understanding of a deity's desires and prohibitions through edicts and anathemas.

2. Introduction of Divine Sanctification
Clerics can now dedicate themselves to the endless struggle over the souls of the planes through a new system of divine sanctification, either by choice or by the requirement of their deity.

3. Replacement of Alignment Damage with Spirit Damage
The new spirit damage type allows for a broader manifestation of a god’s wrath, impacting anything with a spirit, thus aligning the gameplay more with a deity's intent.

4. Enhancement of Divine Font
Clerics now receive a number of bonus heal (or harm) spells from their divine font, independent of their Charisma score, allowing for more flexible attribute allocation.

5. Improvement in Weapon Proficiencies
The Warpriest’s weapon proficiencies have been bumped up, with martial weapons reaching expert level at 7th level and their deity’s favored weapon attaining master level at 19th.

6. Focus Point Recovery and Domain Spells Upgrade
The remaster makes recovering Focus Points easier and improves or replaces several domain spells to provide more utility and narrative alignment.

7. New Feats for Story Enhancement
The remaster introduces new feats to help better tell the Cleric's story, and adapt to the changes in the class.

Pathfinder 2e Remaster Cleric

New Feats Highlight
The remastered Cleric class in Pathfinder 2e introduces a range of new feats, expanding the repertoire of abilities and allowing for more nuanced character development and storytelling. These feats offer a blend of defensive, healing, and role-playing options that can significantly impact the gameplay. Here’s a highlight of some of these notable new feats:

Raise Symbol (Feat 4)
Requirements You are wielding a religious symbol.

You present your religious symbol emphatically. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws until the start of your next turn. While it’s raised, if you roll a success at a saving throw against a vitality or void effect, you get a critical success instead.

If the religious symbol you’re raising is a shield, such as with Emblazon Armaments, you gain the effects of Raise a Shield when you use this action and the effects of this action when you Raise a Shield.

Sacred Ground (Feat 4)
Cleric, Consecration, Divine, Exploration
Prerequisites harmful font or healing font
Frequency once per 10 minutes

You pray continuously for 1 minute to call a subtle shadow of your deity’s realm over a 30-foot burst centered on you. It lasts for 10 minutes, and a creature that remains in the area for the entire 10 minutes regains Hit Points equal to your level.

If you have a healing font, this activity has the healing and vitality traits and heals living creatures. If you have a harmful font, this activity has the healing and void traits and heals undead creatures (or other creatures with void healing). Clerics with Versatile Font can choose either or both. It can’t damage creatures in any case.

Pathfinder 2e Remaster

These changes not only refine the mechanics but also deepen the narrative connection between the Cleric, their deity, and the cosmic struggle, enriching the overall gameplay experience in Pathfinder 2e.

October 25, 2023 — Imaginary Daemo