Assassin's Creed RPG - Collector's Bundle - PREORDER

Release Date: 13 July, 2024
$164.95 AUD

This is a Preorder product. It will ship upon release.
Current ETA is 13 July, 2024

Enter the world of Assassin’s Creed as a protagonist. Play as the modern-day descendant of one of the iconic Assassins that have shaped history. Immerse yourself in an epic and action-packed narrative fighting for freedom and free-will across all eras. Enter different timeframes and sync with your ancestors as the history you know reveals its hidden secrets.

The Assassin’s Creed RPG uses the Match System, an original set of rules using 2 sets of 6 custom dice (also available as a digital dice roller on the official Assassin’s Creed RPG App) focused on promoting fast-paced, fiction-first gameplay. With simple game mechanics, the Match System encourages players to express their creativity freely and add to the story and the game world itself.

Enter the world of Assassin’s Creed as a protagonist. The bundle offers you all the books of the game.

  • Animus Handbook: Core Rules: the mechanics and the lore of the game
  • Legacy of the Brotherhood: Master Assassins: a sourcebook about 13 iconic Assassins and their storylines.
  • Campaign Book: Forging History: three different storylines, carrying the characters over many different Time Frames, chasing the Pieces of Eden, and finding the truth, hidden in history.