Collapsible Wooden Dice Tower - Castle


Keep your game pieces in place, your counters properly counting, and landscape scenery intact with this laser-engraved dice tower. Control your gaming environment and keep wild dice throws to a minimum! This dice tower is made of quality plywood and engraved with laser technology. Crafted of high-quality materials, this tower is sure to last many gaming sessions!

The tower comes as a bunch of flat wood pieces, that you can easily fit them together by screws. Once complete, it's solid, nice looking, and compact. You will be glad to buy it!

2.7" Wide, 6.7" Long, 6.5" Tall(Standing); 2.7" Wide, 6.7" Long, 3" Tall(Folded)


  • Brings your game experience to a new level. - Keeps dice safe during the fall and transportation - Made from birch plywood
  • Made with laser-cut precision
  • Made to last a lifetime
  • No more chasing dice off the table
  • Engineered to not need a dice tray
  • Easy to assemble(Includes screwdriver and screws)
  • Portable, rolls awesome and it's not too loud.