D&D Bullywug Phunny Plush by Kidrobot - PREORDER

Release Date: TBA
  • Team-up between D&D and Kidrobot
  • Softest premium materials
  • 19cm tall

This is a Preorder product. It will ship upon release.
Current ETA is TBA

This product is the result of a superpowered team-up between WizKids, experts in D&D collectibles, and Kidrobot, premier creators of huggable plush.

Everyone knows frogs are unbearably cute and Bullywugs are no exception! This plush amphibious friend from Dungeons & Dragons lore can be a great asset, just so long as they consider you their leader! This Bullywug will likely try to shower you with beautiful gifts and strange baubles (though we can’t guarantee those treasures were acquired by honest means)! With this companion at your side, you can guarantee that your territory will be protected. This plush sits at 8 inches tall and is made with the softest premium materials and love.