Dungeon Master Screen Initiative & Combat Trackers

$99.95 AUD

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Tracking initiative is VERY important to keep the game going and maintaining the combat flow.

As a game master or dungeon master, you have to remember lots of information, so these trackers are great for tracking basic stats. Simply keep them top on your screen and insert the character or monster cards. You can see the essential information about your players or monsters at a glance, and they can see the turn order on the other side of the screen.

Our artistic and fantastic Combat Turn Trackers will bring a spectacle to your DM screen and combat!


  • VISUALLY TRACK YOUR PARTY'S INITIATIVES - Never again fumble with pieces of scratch paper, frustrating digital tools, or player questions of "When is my turn?" Just drop CZYY Initiative Trackers on top of your DM screen, and arrange them in order of battle for an easy-to-see visual tracker for initiative order!

  • MAKING COMBAT MORE FLUID AND ENJOYABLE - Insert our Character and Monster Combat Reference Cards into acrylic combat turn trackers, so the dungeon master can quickly track turns and other stats of players and creatures. All this makes for an engaging, adventurous, and immersive gameplay!

  • ERASABLE & REUSABLE ACRYLIC, FUN & EASY TO USE - These DM screen top initiative trackers are made of acrylic, transparent and erasable. Using a non-permanent marker you can keep stats of the character handy (AC, HP, Ability Scores, etc.) and wipe it clean easily to make any changes or use it again for a new character in a TPK situation.

  • FIT PERFECTLY ON TOP OF MOST DM SCREEN (NOT INCLUDED) - This Initiative Tracking Set is designed to fit onto the official DM screen but will fit onto any other 2-5mm DM screen or panel, controlled by the DM but in clear view of all players. With the innovative design, our initiative trackers will not cover any patterns or sheets on the screen.

  • GREAT TOOL OR IDEAL GIFT FOR DM - This is an excellent combat tracker - clearly viewable for all at the table, easy to use, and fun to customize. Great choice for D&D and other games in which initiative plays a role. A wonderful addition to any DMs toolkit! So give your DM a gift that makes their job easier!