Q-Workshop RPG Starter Kit


Adventure time! Q WORKSHOP proudly presents the RPG Starter Kit, a combination of masterfully made props for fresh gamers no matter their age! Inside, you’ll find a complete Elvish Dice Set in black & red, a customized Player’s Notebook, a wooden Level Counter, an automatic pencil with an eraser, and an Elvish Dice Bag made of cotton, with red print on the front. A full adventuring gear!

Every adventure has its beginning

In this RPG Starter Kit, you’ll find all the essential props needed to start your journey! Q  WORKSHOP made sure that each of the elements you’ll find inside is guaranteed to be the best quality:

  • Elvish Dice Set — An intricate Elvish engravings in red color mark each face of these black-colored dice. The set contains 7 pieces: a D4, a D6, a D8, a D10, a D12, a D20, and a D00 (percentile).
  • Elvish Dice Bag — A stylish beige cotton dice bag with a red print of Elvish script on the front. The approximate dimensions of it are 11cm x 12cm (4.34" x 4.72"), hence it can hold up to 35 dice of regular size!
  • Player’s Notebook — An especially designed notebook with dozens of two-sided sheets inside: one side is divided into locations, people, information and treasure notes, and the second is for freestyle scribble!
  • Q WORKSHOP’S Pencil — An automatic pencil with an eraser to write down all the notes of your adventures, amend and upgrade your statistics, and thoughtfully or blissfully draw stuff on your character sheet!
  • Level-Counter Board — A wooden tablet with a spinning wheel inside; painted numbers on the wheel’s surface allow you to choose which one shows in the special window on the tablet, thus allowing you to keep track of your character’s level progression!