Witcher Dice - Leshen - The Master Of Crows

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Channel the ancient power of the forest with Q-Workshop’s Witcher Dice Set, themed after the formidable Leshen. This set is a treasure for any Witcher fan wishing to infuse their tabletop adventures with the spirit of the game's most haunting woodland entities. These dice are not mere gaming implements but emblems of the Leshen's enigmatic force, designed to elevate the ambiance of your role-playing sessions.

Whether you're tracking through the untamed wilds, confronting beasts of lore, or delving into the heart of the woods where the Leshen holds sway, these dice serve as your guideposts. With each roll, you'll invoke the Leshen's ancient presence, the rustle of leaves, and the creaking of age-old trees.

Gather your party of adventurers, mages, and warriors, and let the Leshen's spirit infuse your journey. With Q-Workshop’s Witcher Dice Set, every game is a walk through the Leshen's domain, where every roll is shadowed by the whisper of leaves and the watchful eyes of the forest.


  • Set of 7 Dice polyhedral dice
  • 1 coin
  • Q-Workshop has well crafted dice which will be the envy of all your friends